The Discovery Dial

The Discovery Dial

The Discovery Dial

Japan Tourism

Website, marketing

Japan Tourism was looking to increase awareness of its diverse offering and drive database acquisition. So we developed a new way to discover Japan by flipping the conventional method travellers plan their holidays.


58,885 unique entries

Average page time of 3m 49s

61% conversion rate

50,468 new email subscribers

107,737 page views

5,826 new social followers


Role — Interface and interaction design, animation

Agency — Circul8

Awards — Davey Award Gold, Marcom Award Platinum

When you're looking for stuff to do on holiday, the travel industry typically sorts them by categories like shopping or outdoors. But, we think about travel differently, like "today I want to do something adventurous" or "tomorrow I want to take it easy." What we're actually doing is unconsciously planning our holidays another way entirely, by pace.

The Discovery Dial lets travellers explore Japan in a new way. A single dial controls the interface and filters experiences from slow to fast, changing how you plan your next adventure.


The campaign included a suite of paid media across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and digital display.