Sun Mum Weather Service

Sun Mum Weather Service

Sun Mum Weather Service

Queensland Health

Integrated campaign

Cast your mind back to late 2013. TikTok was just a sound, Instagram didn’t have ads, and Facebook was the social media platform of choice for young people.

Queensland is the skin cancer capital of the world. You don't just have to be careful at the beach; you have to be careful every day. But try telling that to teenagers. Research showed the teenagers know what to do; they just forget to do it. And a little reminder each day would be enough to change behaviour.

So we created the Sun Mum Weather Service, 95 kilos of love and affection, delivering a daily weather and UV radiation forecasts to their Facebook feeds.


Client — Queensland Health

Agency — JuniorCru

Role — Art direction, design, copywriting

Awards — 2 BADC Gold, 5 BADC Silver, 5 BADC Bronze


KPIs exceeded in under 4 weeks

Weekly reach over 330,000

Video views during campaign over 450,000

Sun Mum was a hit with the youth audience and appeared in different iterations until 2018