The Simple Hanger

Concept, design, manufacture


Initially, the Simple Hanger was just for me; I thought I could make a better-designed version than the dodgy ones I’d found in local stores.

After a few friends showed interest, I wanted to find out if I was capable of scaling up the process, produce a batch and turn a small profit.

Hand making almost every aspect of the project was an excellent learning curve (something I probably won’t do if there’s a next time). I did far underestimate the amount of time it would take, in hindsight I should have kept records of the amount spent, though I probably shouldn’t know the exact number.


Minimal design

The magnets and adjustable cord are carefully located away from sight to create a clean, simple design.

No more heavy frames

The lightweight design means you can hang from adhesive hooks. A great solution if you’re a tenant or want to avoid drilling and mounting permanent wall hooks.

Swap artwork

Unlike traditional frames, the Simple Hanger’s magnetic bones allow artwork of different shapes, sizes and materials to be replaced easily.


Simple Hangers use 2mm micro-paracord and N42 grade, rare-earth neodymium magnets with a pull force of .700kg. Paracord is strong, as well as mildew and rot resistant, and Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnet available — the S1 model can hold a 650g poster without breaking a sweat.


Simple Hangers are slim and light, making them easy to transport for an exhibition event or store for future use.

Sustainable timber

Simple Hangers use locally sourced Victorian Ash, from suppliers that adhere to strict policies of sustainable forest management. They come without finish or stain, so they will age naturally. You can easily apply your own stain or oil to the desired finish.

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