Lurpak® Freestyle Tips


Art direction




Client → Lurpak® Australia
Agency → BD Network
Creative director → Phil Shearer
Copywriter → Phil Shearer
Food economist/stylist → Hannah Meppem
Photographer → William Meppem


Lurpak's global, above the line campaign Go Freestyle encourages foodies to throw out the recipe books and explore new flavours using Lurpak Spreadable. Our job was to show Australian foodies how to freestyle.


‘Going freestyle’ sounds great in theory, but when you’re staring into the pantry wondering how you’re going to ‘freestyle' yourself up some lunch, most of us will just reach for the Vegemite. So how can we educate and inspire budding and seasoned foodies without a 12-step recipe?


We develop a series of simple tips that add a unique twist to lunchtime snacks via social media news feed.


We worked closely with food economist and stylist Hannah Meppem to develop the range of everyday and seasonal tips that could be explained in one line of copy.


Our audience is predominantly mobile users, who scroll through their feeds quickly. It was essential to contain everything within the image, use minimal copy and branding and catching people’s attention with Lurpak’s signature ‘food porn’ style. This way it could be pinned, posted, regrammed or saved to your phone without cropping, loss of branding or relying on addition copy below the image.


Even with over 800k fans, Lurpak’s regular content had extremely low reach and engagement with 50 likes tops. The Freestyle Tips changed this. Organic engagement averaged in the hundreds and paid in the thousands — making this Lurpak Australia’s most successful social content. The popularity caught the attention of the Lurpak Global and they have started using it worldwide.

Download the tips and go freestyle.

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