Fritzenberger Brand Exploration

Concept, art direction, design, typography



Further develop the Fritzenberger look and feel based on the initial concept by Cutts Creative; as well as develop a suite of artwork for the restaurant fit out and launch.


What's a Frtizenberger?
Fritzenberger, Frites and Burger Brew Pub, does exactly what it says — serves fries, burgers and beers — most of the which are brewed in-house, right behind the bar. The brand stands by its tasty, locally sourced, no-nonsense menu — which is very good, trust me.

The restaurant has an converted industrial feel; a mix of exposed brick and structural beams, concrete and corroded metal, with dark timber, stainless steel finishes. I used older style print techniques and gritty textures to bring the industrial feel to the overall design; as well as having the menu, brand and promo posters pasted to walls in lieu of framing. The use of a single hue means full colour photography has a much bigger impact, and the simple design allows for a mixed bag of typographic styles.

Beer taps
Fritzenberger’s master brewer is responsible for the fifty or so Fritzenbeers and their wonderful names. Each tap design is hand drawn, inked and then photographed.


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