Stop Flooding My Record Collection:
Charity Exhibition

Product design, craft


In the aftermath of the 2011 South East Queensland floods, my friends were helping with the cleanup and came across stacks of soggy jazz records. The owner didn’t want them, so my friends took them home, cleaned them up, threw out the old jackets and contacted every designer and artist they knew to recreate the covers to exhibit and raise money for the recovery.

I chose the 1956 album The Great 16 by Muggsy Spanier & His Ragtime Band. I wanted to create a cover that measured up to the album title. The housing was constructed from dressed pine and featured mosaic tile designs of a trumpet (Muggsy’s instrument) and 16 for the album name. The case was finished with white enamel. The inner jacket was remade with textured illustration board and I printed the labels onto Cason 150GSM using a rich black/flat black technique.


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