Meet the Checkmates

Meet the Checkmates

Meet the Checkmates

GambleAware Week, Office of Responsible Gambling

Website, marketing, online game

GambleAware Week is an annual initiative aiming to raise awareness of harmful gambling, and according to research, Aussies love gambling more than any other country. Our challenge was to educate the public without directly calling out problem gamblers.


27% increase in calls to Gambling Help

79% increase in counselling requests to Gambling Help online

75,000+ website visits

70,750+ website sessions

23,250+ unique players

80,000+ plays of Bet and Bust


Role — Art direction, interface, interaction design, animation

Agency — Circul8

Awards — Davey Award Gold

Meet the Checkmates

To avoid stigmatising gamblers, we reached out to their friends by creating four relatable characters — Buck, Betty, Skip and Moby — who personify gambling addiction's most common behaviours.

Digital, radio, and print were used to promote the campaign online, on-air, and in every major club in New South Wales. Fact sheets were created as a resource for advocates to use at their discretion.


Checking in

People can check in online to learn more about the warning signs and how to approach the issue if a mate is struggling with gambling addiction.


Upping the ante

We created a game to demonstrate the psychology behind gambling; by using a simple game mechanic, we can show how easily gambling debt can accumulate and how hard it is to recover from significant losses.