2013 Bridge to Brisbane

2013 / Concept + Art direction + Design

2013 Bridge to Brisbane

2013 / Concept + Art direction + Design

Bridge to Brisbane
My role
Concept + Art direction + Design

The team
Newscorp Australia  /  Client
JuniorCru  /  Agency
Jonathan Drapes  /  Creative director
Josie Burns  /  Copywriter
Gerard Lambkin  /  Director
Cartel Films  /  Production
Alt VFX  /  Post Production

The Sunday Mail wanted to beat their 2012 fundraising record of $785,000 and secure 40,000 registrations for the Bridge to Brisbane, as participation had begun to drop from an increase in competitor events.

In 2013 the race introduced the award-winning concept Hero Time — 1 second off your race time for every $1 you raise — effectively making the event competitive for the majority of participants. However, in 2013 The Sunday Mail didn’t want to talk about Hero Time, but instead about the option to fundraise for a charity of your choosing.

We looked at entry information from previous years, and noticed that there’s a huge range of different reasons people do the run, from ‘ticking it off my bucket list’, to ‘losing weight’, to ‘raising money for my nephew.’ We found these super inspiring. So we decided to use these motivations to inspire others, with the ‘What’s your reason to run?’ campaign.

We produced four TV commercials, focusing on the more popular reasons people chose to run according to the research; friendly competition, cosplay, weight loss and charity.

Being a newspaper, print adverting was a major component of the media plan. Josie and I matched race photography of real participants with bespoke headlines to create dozens of unique executions that ran all phases of the lengthy campaign. I also worked closely with our digital team to develop the new Bridge to Brisbane website. 

The campaign was an overwhelming success, breaking all targets. Registrations reached 41,466 (target 40,000) and fundraising reached $968,157 (previously $785,000).

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